In May, "Tucker Carlson Tonight" remained the No. 1 cable news show among adults 25-54. With his other Fox hosts, he dominates cable news in the US. His monologues are forceful and provide a good insight into the mood of the nation - (well perhaps half of the nation, the other half prefers MSNBC or CNN)[1]

Tucker Carlson's monologue from 11 June 2020:

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The cost of shutting down is hard to calculate - but staggering

  • Tens of millions more unemployed
  • Thousands of businesses closed never to reopen
  • More people are
    • depressed
    • suffering deteriorating relationships
    • more dependent on drugs and alcohol
  • People have been banned from burying loved ones
  • Cancer screening has been stopped
  • Bottled up frustration and anger takes many forms - rioting is obviously one


Surprisingly people the people behind the lockdown have no regrets, the say they had no choice

  • It is the biggest decision of our lifetimes

  • But all are mesmerized on the "woke" revolution that is underway. (A separate country being set up in Seattle! [2])

Were the lockdowns necessary?

  • Were they lying to us about Covid?

  • Yes, conclusively. We can prove the lock downs were not necessary at all

  • States that never locked down at all, in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines

  • States that have been quick to reopen have not seen explosions of Coronavirus

  • All is the opposite of what the media said would happen

  • The media predicted mass deaths all over the country

  • In places like In New York, Pennsylvania, Jersey, Massachusetts, panicked governors forced nursing homes to accept infected corona virus patients. As a result many thousands died and died needlessly

  • But covid has proved to be dangerous but manageable

Where is the media?

  • Far more dangerous were the lockdowns themselves

  • This is a remarkable story but it is going almost entirely uncovered:

  • The media

    • would rather tell you why you need to hate your neighbour for the colour of his skin

    • don't want to revisit what they were saying just a few weeks ago

    • acting as press agents for power drunk politicians

  • News anchors were ordering you to stop asking questions and obey, "Staying home saves lives. If you love your mother, you will do what I say"

Memorial day


  • Memorial day happened, 25th May and millions of Americans headed out of doors. Few if any were wearing masks or practising social distancing

  • The media attacked them as killers:

    • "Swimming with your kids at places like Lake of the Ozarks is tantamount to mass murder"

    • "Looks like some kind of human stew"

    • "That's curving the curve not flattening it"

    • "98000 people are dead how dare you leave your house"

George Floyd protests


  • Five days later the same brain dead news anchors seemed to cheer on the protestors as American cities filled with them - and even as things turned violent:

    • "This is how America was started"

    • "We must demand that this country becomes more fair and just"

    • "Outraged protestors are what have made the US what she is

    • "Citizens have no duty to check their outrage"

  • One minute they are mass murderers for going outside, now they are American heroes and patriots

    • "Rioting is not a health risk, it will not help spread the virus"

Does a single American believe any of it?

  • Authorities are done trying to convince you, they are now issuing decrees

  • During the lockdown people whose loved ones died were prevented from having funerals

  • Now someone useful, George Floyd, has died and he has three funerals

  • You were played, we were all played

  • Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over the most basic things in our lives

  • They gave more power to antifa while the rest of us are trapped at home and censored online

  • A public health emergency was used to subvert democracy

  • How could they do this?
  • We let them do this?
  • We believed them therefore we obeyed them
  • None of us will ever make that mistake again

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