Prof Christian Perronne former president of the French Technical Committee for Vaccination and Vice President of the WHO expert group on Vaccinations (Europe).

Summary of the professor's testimony to Luxembourg Parliamentary Hearing on January 12, 2022:

  • We have flouted science and flouted rights

  • Experts advising politicians have major conflicts of interest. Decisions are taken on the sly with zero scientific references

  • Publications in the world's greatest journals were fraudulent

  • HCQ was discredited in the Lancet by a paid-for fraudulent study ("Lancetgate") - blocking HCQ in the whole world

  • Pfizer data used to gain emergency authorisation was partly fraudulent (BMJ/ Pfizergate)

  • The biggest scandal of this epidemic is that we have been made to believe that these products are vaccines. They are not at all vaccines

  • They don't prevent infection and they don't prevent severe outcomes.

  • In the countries that are most vaccinated, more than 90% in intensive care are double or triple vaccinated

  • We need to stop this delirium of wanting to vaccinate for an illness that almost doesn't kill anymore

  • A lot of figures have been inflated because of over-amplified PCR tests. We have inflated deaths and hospitalisations. We said they died of covid when they really died of something else

  • A normal vaccine takes 10 years to be authorised. It is a scandal to authorise this one for pregnant women in a few months

  • There has been a shocking absence of scientific studies on these decisions

  • When Govt says it takes 3 doses - soon 4,5,6 doses - there is zero scientific data to support these decisions

  • It is shocking that the European Medicines Agency admitted that they did not know the composition of these vaccines and despite that they authorised it

  • According to official data the "vaccines" have caused 36,000 deaths in Europe and 25,000 in the USA, including hundreds of athletes.

  • US oncologists say there is an increase in cancer following the vaccination

  • In the countries that didn't vaccinate, or stopped vaccinating, the epidemic is over - for example India

  • The vaccine is illegal. The emergency authorisation was done on the basis of it being demonstrated that there are no other effective treatments. But there are hundreds of published studies showing effective treatments, e.g. India

  • We are still in Phase 3 experimentation. By international treaties and the Nuremberg code it is forbidden to mandate experimental treatments

  • More children are dying from the vaccine than are dying from the virus. We know this because there are practically zero deaths in children from covid

  • I personally know a girl of 17 and another of 20 - one who died of myocardial infarction 8 days after vaccination, and the other of pulmonary embolism, a cause of death formerly unheard of in this age group

  • I ask for a moratorium on these products that are not vaccines, were not evaluated in the correct way, and for which we will not have definitive evaluations for many years

Listen to the full speech (8 minutes, French with English subtitles):