Dear family, friends and allies

Christmas has been cancelled in Bethlehem. “We cannot celebrate when our brothers and sisters are dying” said a local Christian priest.

It is remarkable and symbolic that Christmas should be cancelled in the town of Jesus’s birth. Christmas is always a time of reflection, and this Christmas, the dire situation in the so called "Holy Lands" surely commands us to a deeper reflection on what is going on in the world, and what our part in that might be.


The picture is of the 12th Century Church of St. Porphyrios in Gaza City. This church was damaged on 19 October in an airstrike that killed 16 civilians who were sheltering there, having been made homeless by earlier Israeli air strikes. About a thousand children are being killed each week in Gaza. There can be no justification for this.

On Earth

For the West, Israel is our military presence in the Middle East. With few exceptions, everyone there does two to three years of National Service and the country bristles with the latest hi-tech weaponry from the USA. It is like a huge aircraft carrier, guarding our oil-interests and keeping Russia and China at bay.

Perhaps some people confuse the place that is today called "Israel" with the ancient people of the Bible who wandered across and beyond the region. The Old Testament tells of the twelve tribes of Jacob who lived centuries before Christ. These Iron Age people had little in common with the militarised regime that exists now.

The mainstream Judaism of today is known as "Rabbinical" and has roots in the 3rd and 6th Centuries A.D. when the Talmud was first codified in writing. This happened probably a millennium or more after Moses and even a few centuries later than the New Testament stories of Jesus.

Zionism, the movement for a geographical home for Jews, not least those with centuries of European heritage, is even newer. Starting in the late 19th century, Zionism has been a colonial project of an Anglo-American elite, working with the Rothschild banking dynasty. On what planet could it be allowed for one British "Lord", Lord Balfour, to write to another "Lord", Lord Rothschild, and give away a whole country? This is the message of the infamous "Balfour Declaration" of 1917. Imagine if someone arrived at your door with a gun, kills some of your family and says, "this is our home now, those still standing can stay in the Garden shed", at least for now. On what planet would half decent people accept this?

Marketing empire

To name this colonisation project "Israel" was masterful. The biblical name lends an impression of something eternal and "ordained by God". "Israel" as a name compares favourably with colonial labels such as "German East Africa" or "French Indochina", where the uninvited imposition of one culture over another is implicit in the name. To protect the Zionist project further, anyone who asks awkward questions is villified as an "antisemite". Jeremy Corbyn, Roger Waters, Joe Rogan and many other good people, please take a bow.

After decades of viscious ethnic cleansing by the state of Israel, we now have full blown genocide. Shall we in the West continue to turn a blind eye?

Don’t look here, look there!

What about October 7th? To see the Hamas attacks as a fundamental cause of the problems is a mistake. It is like blaming South Africa’s apartheid on "Spear of the Nation", a group set up to oppose apartheid.

Nelson Mandela helped to found this group, which had avowedly violent intentions, in the 1960s. His involvement earned him a long jail sentence. "Spear of the Nation" killed white people who were just going about their daily lives in hundreds of attacks intended to terrorise. Was Mandela right or wrong to support a deadly means to end apartheid? It is now a moot debate. Due to global pressure, South Africa’s apartheid system was terminated and the "Spear of the Nation" movement - whether you think it was the lesser of evils or just simply evil - is now redundant. The overriding priority in all of this was to end the apartheid regime, not judge its opponents.

Israel’s system of apartheid must now suffer the same fate as South Africa’s. Palestinians have an equal right to a good life as do Israelis. This is the case whatever Hamas did on October the 7th and whatever the war propaganda says they did. There has undoubtedly been a concerted programme to exaggerate the crimes of Hamas, and downplay those of Israel. Widely reported stories of babies beheaded by Hamas, for example, proved to be false. If an adversary really is so evil, there should be no need to fabricate such stories. Western media is working overtime to "manufacture consent", as writer Noam Chomsky would term it. But consent for more war is not being given. People are appalled by the killing and the destruction of a society and begin to see through the tired narratives used to justify it.

Zionism on display

Shocking recent events have revealed Zionism to the world as a deadly and immoral project. This has been clear to many Jews in Israel and beyond, long before 7th October. More than ever now, they express their dissent in articles and protests that vehemently denounce the Israeli regime that governs a very divided population.

Zionism however, is firmly embedded in the power structures of the Western world. Our former global dominance was derived in part from our control of the Middle East. The vast British Empire depended its huge Royal Navy. An abundant Middle Eastern oil supply was essential as the Royal Navy converted their ships from coal. The time period for this transition was roughly from the start of the first world war to the start of the second, matching quite well with the rise of Zionism. When the British Empire faded, America was ready to take over.


Saving Private Ryanakov

And what of Ukraine? In the West we have been taught to interpret history like a movie. This one began in February 2020. As the opening titles roll, we are expected to take a drug provided by the BBC and their ilk, that makes us forget all context. In this case, we must forget eight or more prior years of deadly conflict, stirred up in Ukraine by the USA. The blockbuster then begins with "unprovoked aggression" where the West are the clever goodies and Russia are the stupid baddies. Victory is promised as always, for the goodies, and if it goes on too long we’ll walk out of the cinema and forget the whole thing. Likewise if we do not get the ending we think we have paid for.

In the real world we are left with many hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians dead, perhaps half a million, and a country wrecked. A resurgent Russia has been pushed into the arms of China and together with the "Global South" countries and the Middle East, they are creating the world’s largest trading and cooperation blocks. They are eager to abandon the US controlled petrodollar and have shown little interest in Europe. The post second world war period of American dominance is suddenly over.

Any ambitions we may have had of spreading Western liberal democracy, for now at least, must be kicked into the long grass. For the West, this has been a monumental and historic blunder. Biden’s minders must be as clueless as the president is himself.

Russia rises with the "Global South"

Russia will now restore the predominantly Russian speaking South-Eastern territories to the motherland and will gain much more than they offered to settle for earlier. Ukrainians have been sent to their deaths, with most of the West cheering on, for nothing. The majority of people to be absorbed by Russia are Russian speaking and will not object to the change. Significantly, Russia has decided not to trust the West anymore. After Russia’s peaceful capitulation in the cold war, deals were struck between Bush and Gorbachev. Then Russia became the victim of a deceitful and creeping aggression. Ukraine is something of a last straw, and America is no longer considered to be a fit-for-purpose negotiating partner. This means, tragically, a negotiated settlement in Ukraine is unlikely. The killing is set to continue, until either Ukraine collapses or there is a sea change in USA politics.

America stumbles

America’s military forces have evolved. They are now more sensitive to gender diversity but less able to project force. The USA’s depleted industrial base has failed to sustain Ukraine with sufficient ammunition. By contrast, Russia’s unrivalled hypersonic missiles could sink America’s increasingly "white-elephant" aircraft carriers with the press of a button. Russia will dictate terms to Ukraine. The West will stumble off like a drunken fool (as we did in 2021 in Afghanistan), muttering "But trashing other people’s countries worked well for us before, what changed?" We will have to try starting another war somewhere else, against a lesser foe. Broken or developing countries rich in resources are good places to look. (Gaza has nice offshore oil and gas fields, worth half a trillion dollars. Hmmm.)


Addicted to war

War is our addiction. To protect a way of life, an addict may make up unbelievable cock-and-bull stories to justify deceitful behaviours. Their families often fall for the stories, hook line and sinker. They wish to avoid the pain of discovering unpleasant truths as well as the pain of discovering they have been duped. What is the addict saying? "Israel must have the right to defend itself". "If we don’t send money to Ukraine, Putin will extend his rampage all over Europe". "Support Israel or you are an antisemite". "We must bomb more hospitals because they are hiding Hamas baby killers"… and on and on.

Perpetual war is sold to us as a fight for "justice and democacy", or as a "war on terror", but this is usually false. Those who challenge these narratives, risk the fate of whistleblower Julian Assange. This father of young children is spending his fifth Christmas, sick and ailing, in the Victorian dungeon that is Belmarsh prison. His only crime is to have once jumped bail after revealing war crimes committed by the USA. To our shame, most of us turn a blind eye to this abuse of human rights on our own London doorstep. Assange’s story is a stark illustration of our depravity, as we brutally punish the truth teller, leaving the war criminals at liberty.


Hysteria kills

And what of Covid? What a lot of arguments that stirred. How that revealed differences between people that hitherto lay concealed. Prime Minister Sunak recently delivered unwelcome comments to the official Covid Inquiry Whitewash. He said "lockdown is likely to have generated costs that are greater than the likely benefit". The Prime Minister quoted some very respectable mainstream research supporting his claim. But this was nothing the official whitewash was interested in, and the PM was quickly shut down by counsel Hugo Keith KC who said he didn’t want to get into that.

Claiming any "benefit" at all for lockdown, however, implies that an unusually deadly virus was in fact circulating. But was this true? A person dying of covid is, on average, living a longer life than a person dying from other causes such as old age. This simple statistic was available very early in the "pandemic", and did not change. This was perhaps the only covid statistic we ever needed, revealing the absurdity of the panic.

Most probably, there never was an unusually deadly virus in circulation. The deaths and other problems associated with "covid" flowed from our overreactions and hysterical interventions. Restricting healthcare, treating the frail with end-of-life Midazolam doses or leaving them to die of hunger and thirst out of sight of their next of kin, using fear to control people, denying access to early treatments (Ivermectin etc), denying the emotional support of families, excessive use of ventilators and closing down schools and the economy all had disasterous consequences. Could such unrelenting blunders really be accidental?

"Mysterious" deaths

Now there is a strange "Excess Deaths" crisis stalking the developed world. In the UK, thousands of extra people have been dying each month, largely with cardiovascular problems. This is adding up to something worse than the so called "pandemic" yet it scarcely generates a headline! Many deaths are of people in their 40s and 50s, far younger than those who died of covid. Although the phenomena is now widely acknowledged, there is no official explanation for the cause. Some suggest it is Global Warming (LOL) or after effects of the "pandemic".

A potential cause of excess deaths that is not considered is the mRNA shots injected into 6 billion people. But we know the problem cannot be the shots. This because we are bombarded from birth with messages repeating ad nauseum that these highly profitable products are "safe and effective" and are miracles of science. Anyone who questions these pharma products is a bad person, a dangerous "anti-vaxxer", actually a form of murderer. Like the label "antisemite", the term carries a toxic stigma that makes it ideal for controlling the boundaries of acceptable opinion. That these drugs called vaccines are "safe and effective" is, however, just one opinion.

Another opinion is reflected in major recent study from Canada. This research suggests that covid injections may have killed 17 million people globally. That will sound unbelievable to many, but should it be correct it would only be 0.3% of the people injected. 0.3% probably reflects a better level of safety compared to a number of other infamous pharma products tested in the courts.

I am not a doctor, but is it a surprise that programming your own cells with mRNA to produce uncontrolled amounts of "spike proteins", that are designed to cling to cells inside your blood vessels, could lead to abnormal clotting and problems for the cardiovascular system?


Silver linings

So how by any stretch is this a Christmas message?

Many will disagree with opinions expressed above. That’s fine with me 😊. I am confident, however, that for most people at least, arguments that once were outlandish are now less so. What were once absurd "conspiracy theories" now carry a different resonance. Living through covid has taught you to ask more questions of "official narratives". Either that, or Netflix and the BBC have together turned you brain into popcorn!

This is the silver lining. Covid has awakened people to a completely new awareness: "experts are not always expert", "the government works for somebody else, not you", "debt based money is a fraud", "digitised currencies (CDBCs) are a threat to our way of life", "science is a form of religion where psuedoscience masks uncertainty and frequently thrives alongside theocracy", "our democracy has withered, almost to death, and is further threatened by supranational technocrats", "mass media, and even scientific publishing is full of fake news and paid-for propaganda that successfully brainwashes most people", "many institutions we once trusted do not deserve that trust", "your freedom, and your children’s freedom have been given away", and "climate change is perhaps the biggest fraud of all".

Thanks to covid, a fringe of sceptics has become a robust and growing force.

Our era is characterised by an elite’s addiction to war, power and control. The shocking slaughter in Gaza makes it clearer to more people what is going on. As a critical mass is reached, the seeds are sown for the demise of this Evil Empire. So Gaza too has a silver - if extremely bitter, tragic and bloody - lining.

Covid and Gaza in their different ways are contributing to a "Great Awakening". Ukraine in time probably will do so too. The people who want war and WHO pandemic control grids should be worried.


As it is in heaven

In conclusion, ending war must be our priority. How can we achieve social justice when civilians are being mown down like unwanted grass by a military bully? How can we protect the environment if it is being bombed? How can we seek economic stability and prosperity while our Governments are addicted to war? How can you expect people to be peaceful and honest if the Government will tell any lie ("45 minutes") in order to start a war? How can we achieve our human potential and spiritual fulfilment if we are half asleep, carelessly and inadvertently aiding and abetting the slaughter of innocents?

We humans are tribal creatures. My Christmas wish is that in our various tribes, social, political, faith-based, entertainment based - whatever - that we strive for the opposites of war, that is awareness, peace, justice, freedom and informed choice. If you cannot influence the tribes you are in sufficiently, then leave them. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.


So that said, the family is doing great. The youngsters amaze us with their wonderful music, writing and "creations". They surprise us with robust, sophisticated opinions beyond their years, and perhaps most important of all, do their own washing (well at least sometimes). J is hands-on fighting Government malignancy. What more could a man wish for in his lady?

Happy Christmas to you all and May Peace come soon to Gaza!