Dear family and friends

I hope this message finds you well, festive 🎅🏻☃️🎁❄ and thinking 🤔


The news from my immediate famliy is only good. The young ones go from strength to strength, achieving the things that make parents proud, frequently showing wisdom well beyond their years and then at times driving us nuts - which is probably exactly where we deserve to be driven! The details I look forward to sharing with you when we next meet.

J is well and the best possible partner I could ever have wished for in a fight that I never imagined I would need to fight. How strange! What fight? I refer of course to the "Great Swindle". I now hear some uneasy voices: "this is not very Christmassy, not a real Christmas circular". I am sorry; it is what it is.

We have all been victims of a Great Swindle, which is nothing to be brushed under the carpet, even if it is ugly and uncomfortable to think about. For me to avoid the topic would be using Christmas tinsel to decorate something rotten.

Here is my take on the Great Swindle, put as briefly as I can, followed by some reflections on what it all means.


The mortality rate of a relatively benign virus was amplified by misguided use of ventilators, Remdesivir and Midazolam. Infectious patients were removed from hospitals to care homes, where infections could do the most damage. “Died with covid” was counted as “Died due to covid”. PCR tests were misguidedly used in a way that exaggerated the numbers of "cases" creating a "pseudoepidemic" of false positives. Pseudoepidemics were a suprisingly well documented phenomena long before covid; look it up.

Governments misused computer models and lied with statistics to show nightmare scenarios. Vast Nightingale hospitals were built - and then people shrugged it off when none were needed. Like a horror movie audience, many relished the thrill of the drama or found a new self-importance by participating in it. Sweden of course was made into a pariah, for failing to wholeheartedly join the hysteria. They then went on to have just about the lowest excess deaths of any developed country, including the rest of Scandinavia.

Lockdowns were a misguided response to the fear generated by the artificially raised mortality rates. Very deliberate messaging from governments piled on the pressure. Lack of access to medical care caused more deaths, many of which were then falsely attributed to covid. A vicious circle of exaggerated fears stirred demand for more harmful interventions and even more testing, which in turn found more PCR "infections" which generated yet more and more fear.

Lockdowns trashed the public purse, wrecked businesses, restricted access to healthcare and deprived people of essential human contact. Old people were forced to live their last years and die alone. Adults were denied the means to earn a living. Young people were denied proper education. Babies were denied smiles as sinister looking masks subliminally advertised "Danger, Danger Everywhere!" for young and old alike.

Across the world countless people, as a direct consequence of lockdowns, have been pushed into poverty, long term. The UN estimates the numbers must be counted in millions. It is well known how poverty breeds ill-health and suffering with impacts enduring across generations. All for an intervention that the Chinese have now amply demonstrated, is as ineffective as it is cruel.

Desperate to be free of lockdowns and able to travel, people eagerly accepted whatever solution governments could offer. Bill Gates advised us "Normalcy only returns when we have largely vaccinated the entire global population".

Effective early treatments and prophylactics (IVM, HCQ, Vitamin D, exercise) were downplayed or banned completely. Effective alternatives to vaccines were a legal obstacle to "Emergency Use Authorisation" which would delay vaccines for years. This could not be risked. Medical opinion that differed on this question was stifled.

So after many years of failing to develop a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine, within weeks of each other, four separate companies solved it. A brand new, poorly tested genetic based technology was rushed to market and more or less forced on the public. The treatment does not prevent infection. Its absolute efficacy in reducing symptoms starts at less than 1% before becoming negative within months. "Negative efficacy" is a euphemism meaning "it puts you at greater risk". It was mislabelled as a "vaccine". It is in fact an experimental gene-based therapy with no long-term safety data, and only fudged short-term data. In Pfizer's own trials, as the injected started to do worse than the control group, they injected the control group too, destroying the principles of a Randomised Controlled Trial.

A mass psychological campaign was launched by governments, the science establishment, Pharma, Media, Celebrities, and Education. Their aim was to convince as many as possible to inject this new, and as it turns out, toxic, product into their arms. The short-term consequences of this now look very concerning. The long-term consequences remain completely unknown. Perhaps subjecting billions of people to this was the biggest gamble ever in history.

Those who were unwilling to receive the jab were mocked, censored, prevented from travelling (and still are) and threatened with loss of career. Some were simply fired from their jobs - including hard-pressed healthcare workers. Some of my former colleagues in the USA also fell into this "no jab, no job" category.

Now as 2022 draws to a close, across the public health dashboard, multiple signals are blinking red and demanding attention: Adverse event data (VAERs), US military medical databases (DMED), excess mortality, myocarditis, strokes, clots, life insurance data, autopsies, etc, etc. Awful signals are ignored by media, authorities and so-called experts. Most people just shrug their shoulders: if anything was seriously wrong it would be on the BBC. At least this is what you will believe until your personal experience crashes into the propaganda.

Meanwhile, the evolutionary pressure of mass injections when infections are peaking, something deliberately avoided in the past with flu vaccinations, appears to have generated thousands of escape variants. The result is a record year for sickness and excess deaths. Pharma has gained a never-ending opportunity to sell more products - endless "boosters" - to people who are not even ill. But what are these "boosters" boosting? What used to be termed "health" is now called "asymptomatic illness".

Authorities such as Ofcom in the UK have prevented traditional broadcasters from airing sceptical viewpoints with an iron fist. In the USA, the White House has intervened directly with Big Tech to have precise control of the ideas permitted on social media. Draconian levels of censorship have been the result. Post a dissenting view on Facebook, and you can be deplatformed within hours. Twitter is the same; it just takes a little longer. I speak from experience. Dissenting medical professionals must stay silent or risk career damage or being struck off by professional associations.

Speakers at protests organised to oppose the madness were handcuffed, bundled into police vans and detained overnight before being released without charge. This is something I saw in London and will not forget. To most people, it does not seem to matter. So long as the cheap food and entertainments continue, like the bread and circuses of ancient Rome, nothing much matters.

Looking back it is remarkable how the first wave of the epidemic peaked within hours across the English-speaking world. So a virus that is supposed to have leaked from a lab in Wuhan, came to us via Lombardy reaching the North of Scotland simultaneously as it reached the south of Cornwall. Simultaneously it also reached the distant West coasts of Canada and the USA too. So 1,200 miles of Atlantic Ocean and a similar stretch of the North American continent, including vast mountain ranges, could not slow the spread of these viral particles at all. Yet, governments thought that taping up the greeting card section of supermarkets, as happened in Wales, would do it! The simultaneous outbreak of covid across the Northern Hemisphere suggests to me that this thing was largely spread by TV and the edicts of the World Health Organisation rather than by sneezes and coughs. In other words, it was mostly a set of messages and deadly behaviours that went viral, not a pathogen. Evidence that the covid virus was widespread in various places long before the Lombardy outbreak, lends further credence to this idea.

We humans seem to have really messed this up - causing immense and avoidable death and suffering. How could this happen?


The famous Milgram experiment of the 1960s comes to mind. Test subjects were told to torture a fellow human being, by gradually turning up the voltage to the point of death. When participants heard the agonised screams (it was actually an actor) they would all object. For around 80%, if the man in the white coat merely repeated the words "the experiment must continue", the test subjects, ordinary decent people, would continue the torture until the apparent death of their victim. Only 20% would refuse to do this.

Milgram's experiments were an attempt to understand how ordinary decent Germans fell under the Nazi spell and became party to atrocities. After the Nuremberg trials, an observation was made that the human race was no less guilty than the Nazis themselves. The Nazis had undoubtedly issued appalling instructions, but perhaps equally shocking was the abundance of ordinary people who would willingly or even eagerly carry out those instructions.

The human tendency to bow to authority, no matter how evil or misguided, is remarkable. So much of our popular culture concerns the brave rebels overcoming authoritarian evils. The Star Wars franchise is a perfect example. In real life, unlike the fiction we enjoy, people mostly back the authoritarians and marginalise rebels as morally and mentally deficient or worse. A simple explanation for this is that, for our pre-historic ancestors, belonging to the tribe was more important for survival than being right about a given question. We are programmed to fit in with the strongman chieftain, rather than challenge his instructions. Psychologists call this "motivated reasoning".

So, in the time of covid, where do the instructions come from? Who are the "authorities"? Where is the man in the white coat insisting that "the experiment must continue"?

In my view, our political leaders are mostly ordinary, well-meaning people, who like, the Milgram participants, merely "do as they are told". Perhaps their instructions come in a fog of greys rather than with Milgram's black and white clarity, but the principle is the same. Where do these instructions come from?

The World Economic Forum comes to mind as a source of malignancy. Their unpleasant tone, eugenicist tendencies, and boasts of pervasive political influence at the highest levels make them obvious suspects. Their role seems important and pernicious, but I can't help feeling that they too are mere humans. They have instructions that they too believe must be followed for the good, not necessarily the good of all, but for the good as they see it. I suspect their "instructions" also come in a fog of greys and they feel virtuous as they execute them. But where do their instructions come from?

We might be able to say who is controlling the WEF crowd, ask me over a glass of something and I will tell you my theories, but we are still left with the same question: what is the ultimate source of the authority that drives humans in evil directions? What is the source? Where is the root? If we knew that, we might be able to tackle it.


How interesting it is, that as the covid cult reared its ugly head and the 80% bowed down and honoured its every demand, the 20% dissenters all over the world started to find each other. Varied in our politics, culturally and socially diverse, but at complete ease with our differences. We are united in staunch opposition to the new authoritarianism. Free speech is a given. Laughs and smiles come easily.

How noticeable it was to me, a hitherto doggedly secular type, how many of the 20% were people of faith. Perhaps because they already had one well established faith, they were less willing to adopt a new phoney covid one? People of faith also seemed a little less surprised than the rest of us. They expected human action to have dire consequences. Sin is recognised. It is foretold. It is also noticeable that people of faith arrive on this battlefield seeming a little less bewildered than some others.

While big pharma profits are undoubtedly a big part of the problem, they are not the root cause. The same would apply to the political failure and corruption that is endemic. There is a bigger context, a weird and mysterious context. There appear to be dark forces out there that cannot be merely human. Something is out there that is beyond human. This is the strangest conclusion for this secularist to arrive at.

How noticeable it has been, how great friendships are forged in fire - what a pleasure and honour it has been to get to know so many new people and discover new dimensions to old friends and family. To each of you, it has been a real pleasure, you know who you are. If on the other hand you feel on the outside of this struggle, looking on in bemusement, I invite you to join us: the Self Organising Coalition. We are all programmed to follow authority and be driven by fear, but you can own your programming rather than be owned by it.


To wrap this up: covid has shown us how "experts" are frequently anything but. The great cathedrals of knowledge that our society worships and lives by are all too often built on foundations of shifting and crumbling sand.

We have learned how easily people can be manipulated and find it natural to respect false authorities. It works best if they have been dosed with fear and the pornographic excitement of a "deadly virus".

Forces exist, evil malign forces, that defy secular explanations. The war we are in, for it is a war, against a globalist authoritarianism is a spiritual war as much as it is a war over earthly differences.

How outgunned we rebels are! How clear is the evil and how strong it is. How clear too, is the call for each of us to connect with the opposition to that evil.

Does this qualify as a Christmas message? Jesus was born. Whatever is true or false about the matter, He offered an opening and an alternative as well as a recognition of a surreptitious and ubiquitous force that does not wish us well.

The evil is real, but it is not the only story in town! We really do have something to celebrate. I wish you all, 80% or 20%, a very Happy Christmas!