It ought to be obvious that a shift from a unipolar to a multipolar world could get messy. But what now?

The former global hegemon has lost the ability to impose its system on the world. Like the lid of a pressure cooker bursting off after 75+ yrs.


Ukraine was the trigger, Israel could prove to be a key escalation. Will Iran stand idly by if Israel slaughters Palestine in "self-defence"? What about Egypt? Russia? USA?

Western political leaders now stress "victimhood", Israel's and Ukraine's. As victims, it is argued, they have a right, to more violence in the name of "self defence". They ignore history and context whenever it helps their case. They also ignore how violence breeds violence.

Remember World War One? We now risk a World War Three. The stifled anger and violent rage of people murdered and mistreated for decades will not blow over like a cold snap.

The conflict, already started, may grumble on for decades as scores are settled. Money will be poured into weapons and opinion-forming. For many, life might carry on much as usual, providing this hot war does not get too hot. If you assume that your side will win, is that real or is it war time propaganda? Of course none of this matters if things slip out of control and go nuclear.

An alternative for us all is to find the courage to see our own faults while empathising with those we are subtly taught to "other" and hate. Imagine abandoning the deadly toys of war in favour of seeking fundamental justice.

"I know that I'm a dreamer", said John Lennon "but I'm not the only one". Then the money lenders silenced him with a bullet.