Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News forced to shut up shop after 150 years of reporting

This is just the tip of the iceberg as other local newspapers especially continue to feel the pinch.

This weekly media monitor ‘Enders Analysis’ stated that this is a long-term problem that will not go away. They predict over one-third of journalists have lost their jobs.

The daily routine of picking up your newspaper at the corner shop or the boy delivering has been affected badly. Like a house of cards the knock-on effect is that advertisers won’t buy space.

Other titles likely to be struggling:

  • The Evening Standard
  • City AM
  • Times Out
  • Stylist
  • Metro

Linda Marric, at the Jewish Chronicle says:

“try to remember that there are normal, decent people who will be losing their jobs and the ability to feed their families.”

Source: Politicalite, ON BORROWED TIME: Jewish Chronicle And Jewish News To Close After 150 Years